MSO Debuts Verdant Theme McLaren GT

For McLaren, it is almost tradition to present something exotic on the eve of the Geneva Motor Show 2020, something from its in-house atelier MSO. This year, despite the cancellation of the Geneva Motor Show 2020, is no different. Meet the Verdant Theme McLaren GT.

The Verdant Theme McLaren GT wears complex paintwork. A unique satin tri-tone paint blends three shades of satin-finish green -- from nose to tail, Horsell Green, Arbor and Steppe Green. The colours are graduated from light to dark, which takes 430 hours of painstaking work. It is the most complex paint processes yet undertaken by MSO.

The paint job is finished with hand-painted pinstripe accents in Napier Green on the body and the front splitter. Matching callipers are also finished in Napier Green with the MSO Black Pack applying a gloss black finish to everything else.

The bespoke finish extends to the interior. Dark Green, Jet Black and Laurel Green leather with Laurel Green micro-piping contrasts in with charcoal grey cashmere. As far as we are aware, this is the first application of cashmere to an automotive interior. It has taken 18 months for MSO to perfect the application.

Cashmere is applied to the centre tunnel, the door inserts, the lower section of dashboard, the sun visors, the head restraints and the back upper section of the seats.

Otherwise, the McLaren GT remains largely standard with a 4.0 litre, twin-turbocharged V8 with 620 hp and 570 litres of luggage space.

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