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Aside from the actual practice of buying a ticket and boarding a plane, there is perhaps no act more transportive than reading a good book. Getting lost in a book is more than just a turn of phrase; with a truly great read, your mind experiences the sights, smells, and sounds of a story in almost the same way it would if you actually traveled to the places described in its pages. Scientific research proves this: Neuroscientists tracking the brain activity of patients who read words like "cinnamon" and "jasmine" found that the very act of reading those words caused the part of the brain involved with processing smells to light up. That means that if you aren't able to fly to London or Paris or Bangkok, there are novels that can still put you on the bustling Underground, transport you to the shores of the Seine, or make your mouth water with the floating-market flavors of khao man gai and tom yum goong. At the link in bio, find some of our favorite armchair travel books to transport you---no passport required. 📷: @bmseventh

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