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A good ride is always better with great food. When discussing ride food recently, we heard a tip that World Tour soigneur Brent Botha (@FlyingJew) from team Israel Start-Up Nation had a few recipes that put our usual bars and gels to shame. Thankfully, Brent was kind enough to share his recipe for world-class World Tour rice cakes! M\&M rice cake: -1kg sushi rice or risotto (cooking time differs from Sushi to Risotto) -25 oz of water -25 oz soya or any other plant-based milk -1 tablespoon coconut oil -1 big bag of M\&M's -1/2 bottle of your favorite maple syrup -Coconut flakes -Rice cooker is preferable -2 shallow cake pans (the long and wide shallow ones) -Parchment paper Cooking and prep method: Place rice in the rice cooker, add the water and milk. Cook until the rice is slightly overcooked. You are looking for a sticky and solid constancy. Not loose like normal cooked rice. Once the rice is just right, add the maple syrup. Stir to make sure the maple is all over the rice. Add the coconut oil and mix again. Prepare the cake pan with parchment paper. Place half of the rice and press down making sure fill the corners first. Then place the M\&M's on top of the rice. Some might melt but that's quite OK! Next, place the rest of the rice on top doing the same process, corners first and then the rest. Press down the rest of the rice. If you have a second pan place some grease paper over the rice and press down to firm the whole surface of the rice. Then add the coconut flakes. Wait to cool down and place in fridge overnight. Cut into mouth size pieces and wrap in rice paper or tin foil if you cannot get your hands on rice paper. Photo Credit: @Noa_Arnon

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