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In our April issue, @drewbarrymore wrote about the teenage road trip that taught her independence: "Kauai, 1993. It was late at night when I landed from California, and rain was coming down in a torrential, impossible-to-see kind of way. I was 18 years old, too young to rent a car, so I had to have someone else rent it for me. When I finally got in and read the directions on my paper map, I saw that after 30 miles of winding, unlit roads, I was supposed to find the address written on a pine tree. Okay, the entire island is covered in pine trees. There is even a beach called Pine Trees! Why had I decided to do this to myself? Well, I had thought traveling alone would prove I could be independent. I have been coming to Hawaii most of my life, and I am so fond of it. The mere word Hawaii puts me in a trance. But none of the islands' poetry found me at this moment of panic. I took a deep breath, cranked the gearshift, and drove into the pitch-black night." Read more from Drew on getting lost---and finding herself---on Kauai at the link in bio. . . . "Go ahead and get lost. It's the only way we can find ourselves." 📷: @mdhousewright

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