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"I've never missed a family Seder. While only my mother is what most would consider "religious," the festival of Passover is sacrosanct in my house---an excuse for my immediate and extended family to come together, crack jokes in bad taste, and rib each other about political preferences. I imagine we're not all that different from the many other Jewish families around the world, who gather each spring to celebrate the biblical liberation of the Jews from slavery, and their subsequent exodus from Egypt. But like Passover itself, which is different from all other nights, this year will be different from all other years. I'll be quarantining myself away from my 65-year-old mother, and for the first time, holding my own Seder in my apartment, which I'll share with her and my siblings over Zoom." For Traveler associate editor @bblumenthal070, this year's Passover Seder will be unlike all other years---but one souvenir is helping to ease the change. Read the full story at the link in bio. 📷: @tamaralevitt

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