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Spiritual experiences come in many forms, from the religious and intellectual, to those centered in art and nature. And so often, these moments are brought on by travel---sometimes unexpectedly, and sometimes because we journey in search of sacred sites, through pilgrimages, sabbaticals, and even solo trips, usually in times when we need an awakening the most. This Buddhist monastery and temple, also known as "The Tiger's Nest," sits perilously on a cliff, 900 meters (2,952 feet) above the Paro Valley in Bhutan, making it worth a trip for the views alone. Taktsang was built in 1692, at the site of a cave where Guru Rinpoche---or second Buddha---meditated for "three years, three months, and three hours" to ward off evil. The site has been sacred ever since. From Rome to Bethlehem, in the shape of natural landmarks and houses of worship alike, we've gathered some of the world's most beautiful sacred places. Whether you're planning a future visit, or simply looking to appreciate the grandeur of these sacred sites from afar, link in bio for our favorites. 📷: @ryannealcordwell

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