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"Before COVID-19 upended our lives I had a goal: learn French by the summer. The aim was to master the basics of a French 101 class---a gift to myself for my 33rd birthday---and then book a trip to Paris once the French lessons were complete. I'd been saving up to return to my favorite city since March of last year, when I made my Parisian debut and fell in love with the culture and the history. I figured if I understood at least some of the language, I would be more comfortable exploring the city this time, and no longer feel timid during social interactions. Mostly, though, I wanted to live out the fantasy of it all, and pretend I wasn't a fast-paced New Yorker for a week. A few months later, I'm almost finished with classes (and can say mille-feuille with a passable French accent) but that trip to Paris is on hold." At the link in bio, writer @heylauraheyyy reflects on how her weekly French lessons have been a much-needed reprieve from the pandemic. Have you had a similar experience? . . . . "The virtual classes are a moment of weekly optimism that feels hard to come by these days... it serves as a reminder that we travel to challenge ourselves and that, even if it doesn't feel like it right now, I will visit Paris again." 📷: @andreannu

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